Create powerful Banking Apps in minutes with TipsGo.
TipsGo is a banking & financial services API for creating powerful & personalised apps
For Business
Financial Services Management
Manage your financial advice / financial services business easily
Pre Build Mobile Apps
Ready to use mobile apps that will attract and retain customers
Money Management Apps
Extensive range of money management apps covering savings, budgeting, investments, insurance etc.
Customer Analytics
Extensive analytics that help you understand customer financial preferences and circumstances
Drive Sales
Offer your customers online recommendations to help you drive sales
Management Tools
Extensive leads generation and management tools
For Developers
Mobile Ready API’s
Comprehensive mobile-ready, money management / banking API
Money Management API’s
APIs that cover a range of money management functions (savings, budgeting, investments, insurance etc)
Easy to Learn and Test
Extensive documentation and test-harness that allows you to easily test APIs
Sample Programs
Ready-to-use sample programs that you can use / modify for your apps
Frameworks Support
Examples developed using popular frameworks such as Sencha Touch and jQuery Mobile